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Gloss Black & Mirror Acrylic Turntable Platter Mat fits THORENS w/ 45 adapter

Gloss Black & Mirror Acrylic Turntable Platter Mat fits THORENS w/ 45 adapter

SKU: 298-T-BK-MR
Gloss Black Acrylic Turntable Platter Mat by Cherry Audio for Thorens turntables with the 45rpm adapters (e.g. TD125/145/150/160).
  • Attractive Gloss Black Acrylic
  • Silver Mirror Finish Label Recess Gives Perfect Vinyl To Mat Contact
  • Logo, Sticker And Machine Marks Free Design
  • Centre Hole Specifically Made For Thorens With 45rpm Adapters
  • Fits Thorens TD125/145/150/160
  • 298mm Diameter
  • 3mm Thickness
Introducing the Cherry Audio Acrylic Mirror Mat, especially designed for the Thorens turntables with the 45rpm adapters.
Blending past and present our premium mats design has been inspired by the aluminum centered rubber platter mats of the classic turntables of old, a contemporary twist is given by the fact it is made from high quality acrylic. If you're looking to replace your tired old mat or freshen up the look and sound of your treasured turntable while keeping true to the timeless style this is the mat for you.


Precision engineered in the UK from high quality acrylic using Formula One/Aerospace specification CNC equipment, our mat is hand finished to ensure the quality is second to none.
Featuring attractive deep gloss black acrylic (matt black also available) and contrasting silver mirror finish label recess. Unlike all other acrylic mats on the market our mat has no unsightly machine marks, stickers or logos. As much as we love our turntables, lets face it, unfortunately they spend a majority of time not playing. With our Cherry Audio mat your beloved record player will look its best when not in action.
We believe you'll struggle to find a better mat for looks and sound on the market today. (We also sell the same style mat with a conventional size centre hole)
Our superb mat is made from 3mm thick rigid Acrylic with a outside diameter of 298mm and weight of 237g. Most mats are 2mm thick, with our mat at 3mm you gain the benefits of the extra density without the need to adjust the VTA.
The audio benefits of acrylic are well known. Different mat materials be it rubber, leather, felt, cork, or snake oil infused carbonite, all 'colour' the sound of vinyl playback with their own unique sonic signatures. Acrylic being similar in mechanical impedance and properties to vinyl is generally regarded to give playback a less 'splashy', natural see through sound with improved mid-range and tighter bass. Our acrylic mat is especially beneficial to turntables with 'ringy' alloy platters such as the Thorens.


***** Please note. This listing is for 1 platter mat. Nothing else in the photos is part of the sale and is shown purely for representational purposes ***** 


  • Items can be returned upto 30 days after purchase for a refund.

    Return postage at customers expensive unless in the event of a faulty item.

    If unsure the mat will fit your turntable please try fitting with the protctive film in place and removing only when sure the fit is correct.

Colour: Black
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